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During this pivotal and transformational time in our profession and our world, AVMA is more important than ever in guiding the future of veterinary care. Veterinary Medicine has enjoyed a long history of providing exceptional care for the animals we serve, and valuable contributions to our society. Our profession has a promising future as animals continue to play a critical role in our lives and our world. It is only together with a strong sense of purpose and conviction will we be able to face the challenges that jeopardize the strong foundation of our profession. The Global Pandemic has created a transitional time and we have stepped up to the challenge. As Veterinarians, we are experiencing exciting momentum but reaching a potential breaking point in capacity. AVMA has and must continue to seize the opportunities to learn, adjust, and support veterinarians as our world transforms.
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Build an Inclusive Culture of Support & Belonging

with valuable resources to foster family/work/life integration and a professionally rewarding career for all AVMA members

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Collaborate With Partners

within and outside the profession to understand societal needs and expectations to improve animal health
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Advance Animal Health

by supporting the team of veterinary professionals to expand access to care and increase efficiency in delivery of care
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Support Access to Veterinary Education

with innovative educational models that will provide a diverse, robust, and healthy veterinary workforce
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Promote Veterinarians

to the public as the leading experts in animal health
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  Provide Business &    Economic Resources

 to support and build all practice types, elevate access to care, and support financial success for veterinarians

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