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"Today's Leader With A Vison For Tomorrow"

Hi, I am Rena Carlson, AVMA President Elect.


I have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, an amazing career of 30+ years in Veterinary Medicine. Early in my career, I became involved in my local Veterinary Medical Association and quickly realized the importance of that involvement. Many decisions and actions made by the legislators had a direct impact on my profession and my daily life. Ensuring that veterinarians were leading those decisions became a guiding light that has shaped my career since. Whether working on a local level with a city ordinance, state level and our practice act, or at a national level, the veterinary perspective and the veterinary voice is critical in protecting, promoting, and advancing animal health care. As a mother, wife, and practice owner, I also know the challenge and struggle integrating and balancing life, family, and work. Managing the demands of the profession, living life, and managing a family have strained the wellbeing of our colleagues. While the veterinary profession has a high level of respect in our society, the only group who cares more about veterinarians and the wellbeing of the profession - are veterinarians. 


AVMA has been, and must continue to be, the leading voice for veterinarians.

I have seen far-reaching changes over the last 30 years and we are most certainly grappling with how to deal with these changes and find the opportunities to support veterinarians. My sincere goal is for all veterinarians to have a professionally rewarding career and I want to do my part in leaving this profession better than I found it.


My goal as AVMA President is to serve all AVMA members, listen to all perspectives, build relationships, and advance our profession.

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